There are many definitions of what a smart school is, but broadly speaking they are schools that use advanced technology in classrooms to give students a better learning experience. The aim of these schools is to improve on the conventional methods that traditional schools use to make learning more efficient, engaging and interactive.

One exciting advantage of smart schools is the greater flexibility it allows students to have with regards to where and when they can learn. Student’s learning is no longer restricted to the time they are actually physically present in class. They can now take notes from the lesson and possibly a video prepared by their teacher away with them to review at their convenience. Just as the way that we consume news and media has changed, the focus of education is also shifting to a culture of anytime, anywhere learning and schools need to adapt to keep up.

With the use of smart technologies, it is possible to save each students’ academic history for future reference. No matter whether the student wants to refer to an essay written a year ago or feedback made one month ago, all of this is accessible at the touch of a button. By being able to access this information more easily, teachers, parents, and the students themselves can compare the progress that has been made over time and decide where their areas for development are moving forward.

As learning becomes more visible by using smart technology, parents can become more involved in the learning process. Parents can receive updates on their phone about their child’s progress, which enables them to support their child more as they gain a better understanding of the learning taking place in school. Consequently, students benefit from an increase in recognition for their efforts, which in turn, motivates them to work harder and achieve more.

The benefits outlined above such as creating assignments, sharing feedback and celebrating achievements seamlessly are what we have aimed to provide with our new app, which will be released in September.

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